Made in Germany - Made to last

Made in Germany - Made to last

GERMANY as a place of business

“Made in Germany” is more than just a piece of information where a product has been manufactured. It is a stamp of quality, innovation and top-level technical expertise that is recognized around the world. With innovative, high-quality products, combined with many years of experience and sustainable growth, the battery expert with its roots in south Germany has a decades-long standing as an innovation driver on the mobile energy market.

We offer quality you can rely on around the world - Premium quality batteries are made in Germany

1.7 billion

More than 1.7 billion alkaline batteries are produced in our German facility every year and distributed worldwide.

Premium quality batteries made in Germany

Focused & dedicated
battery organization

Top quality products &

Unique Category

European battery
market leader

> 1,7 Billion Alkaline
cells per year

Experienced teams &
global presence

“When products are perceived, their origin continues to play an important role!”*

“In terms of worldwide reputation, products from Germany are no. 1 in the global comparison.”*

“50 % of respondents in 23 countries had a positive impression of a product when it was made in Germany.”*