Longlife Power AA

Longlife Power AA

The powerful batteries for your independence.

Stay flexible with efficient power

Longlife Power AA

If you need as much power as you can get - this is the one! power one Longlife Power is developed especially for devices with high energy consumption. Stay independent with high performance power when using power hungry devices, such as remote controlled toys, computer equipment or LED flashlights.


  • Specially developed for devices with high energy consumption, such as battery-powered toys and keyboards, robots, game controllers, wireless mice, battery toothbrushes, baby monitors or flashlights that require powerful energy
  • “Made in Germany – made to last”, power one brand quality ensured
  • 10 years power in storage guaranteed
  • Smart and convenient packaging solution: Innovative opening/closing mechanism for a simple battery storage for used or unused batteries
  • Innovative new cell design and unique matt label finish for a premium haptic appearance and maximum brand recognition
  • 100 % More Power*
  • Available pack sizes: 2PK, 4PK, 6PK, 8PK
*in portable lighting compared to the Minimum Average Duration of ANSI 18.1M, Part 1-2021 – Performance may vary according to use.


Size AA
Reference IEC LR6
Type 04906
Diameter 14.5 mm
Height 50.5 mm
Weight 23.8 g
Chemical System Primary Alkaline Manganese
Voltage 1.5 V